Montana Wilderness Association

For more than 50 years, Montana Wilderness Association has been working with communities across the state to protect Montana’s wilderness heritage, quiet beauty, and outdoor traditions. It’s a mission that began in 1958 when our founders, Ken and Florence Baldwin, sent a letter to 100 friends, inviting them to join a citizen-led effort to protect the Madison and Gallatin Ranges. Since that time, our commitment to grassroots conservation has proved instrumental in the passage of the 1964 Wilderness Act and in the designation of all 15 wilderness areas in Montana. We currently have more than 5,5000 members.

108 4th St, 205 Libby, Montana 59923

Hours of Service:
Wednesday-Thursday 8:00Am – 4:00Pm

Phone Number:
(406) 443-7350

Fax Number:
(406) 443-0750