Living In Troy

Facts About Troy

  • Troy’s population is estimated at 985 people according to the State of Montana.
  • Troy is located in Lincoln County, Montana (population: 18,837).
  • Troy was established around 1892. For some Troy history, visit the City of Troy website.
  • The Troy & Yaak regions were based primarily on logging and mining.
  • Today, Troy’s largest industries are mining, education, retail, and tourism.

Facts About Lincoln County

    • The county seat is located in Libby, 20 miles east of Troy.
    • The Lincoln County Courthouse is located at 512 California Avenue in Libby and can be reached at (406) 293-7781 or visit Lincoln County’s website.
    • Lincoln County’s 18,000+ residents live around the towns of Libby (2,921 in the city in 2008), Eureka (1,013 in 2008), and Troy (985 in 2008) according to the State of Montana population estimates. Most residents of Lincoln County live outside of the city limits and so are not counted in each town’s population estimates. The Libby region is the largest population center in the region with about 10,000 people.
    • Find maps of Lincoln County and its regions.
    • To find out more about Libby, MT visit the City of Libby,, or the Libby Chamber of Commerce.
    • To find out more about Eureka, MT visit the Eureka Chamber of Commerce.
    • To find out more about Yaak, MT visit the The Yaak.

Troy’s Schools

      • Troy Public Schools Administration can be reached at (406) 295-4606 or visit the Troy Public Schools website.
      • W.F. Morrison Elementary School provides for Troy’s K-6th grade students. The school is located at 501 E. Kalispell and can be reached at (406) 295-4321. Visit the Morrison Elementary blog.
      • Troy Junior-Senior High School provides for Troy’s students in grades 7-12. The school office is located at 118 E. Missoula and can be reached at (406) 295-4520. Visit the Troy Junior-Senior High School blog.
      • McCormick School is located outside of the Troy School District and serves students K-8th grade who live west of Troy to the Idaho border. McCormick School is located at 1564 Old US Highway 2 North and can be reached at (406) 295-4982.
      • Yaak School is located at 30117 Yaak River Road and serves students K-8th grade who reside in the Yaak River Valley. The school can be reached at (406) 295-4805.